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Children's & Grandchildren's Trust


If you are a New Zealand Vietnam Veteran with children or if you are the child or grandchild of a New Zealand Vietnam Veteran and need a helping hand then the EVSA (Neville Wallace Memorial) Children's & Grandchildren's Trust may be able to assist.

Since its inception in 1993 the Trust has provided financial assistance covering the whole range of youth endeavour... from help to attend Outward Bound of funding a saddle for an aspiring jockey; from subsiding the cost of tertiary education to the purchase of musical instruments; from assistance under the Rotary Youth Leadership Exchange programme to the recognition of sporting achievement.

If you would like to find more about the Trust and how to apply for a grant then go to the Trust website at evsayouthtrust.org.nz



To date the trustees have awarded 562 grants totalling $263,281 in bursaries ranging from $120 to $2,500.

Chair Report

It is my privilege to present this report on the activities of the Vietnam Veterans (Neville Wallace Memorial) Children's & Grandchildren's Trust for the period 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017.

During the past year the Trust received $12,600 in donations and this, combined with capital gains from our equities portfolio, saw the Capital Fund increase by just under $75,000 to $674,014.

I particularly acknowledge a third generous donation from the Ranfurly Veterans' Trust. We value the developing relationship we have with this Trust and are looking to further strengthen it. I also acknowledge and thank Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack in Paihia for their ongoing support along with that of NZ Post by way of their Community Post scheme.

Since its inception the Trust has made 542 grants totalling over a quarter of a million dollars. In 2017 we awarded 18 bursaries with an average value of $524. The assistance given continues to be wide and varied encompassing the whole gambit of education, sporting and cultural endeavour. 89% of the bursaries awarded went to first time applicants; 94% went to applicants resident in New Zealand; the bursaries were split equally between children and grandchildren; female recipients were ahead of their male counterparts 61% to 39%; 61% of recipients were aged <20 years of age; 6% were aged between 20 and 30 years while 33% were aged 31>.

By the time you read this our website will have been upgraded. I thank our webmaster Wayne Cribb for his work. You can continue to access it at www.evsayouthtrust.org.nz. While the domain name is outdated it is well known within the Vietnam veteran community and we will not be changing it.

During the year George Mathew resigned from the Board of Advisory Trustees because of ill health. We thank George for his valued contribution. His replacement was Keith Miller. Keith served in the military in both the NZ and the UK. He saw active service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently works for the NZ Police as their Director of Service Operations. I thank the Board and acknowledge their professionalism and support.

The Trust is in good shape. We can face the future with confidence.

Ross Miller, MNZM, JP

21 March 2018.


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